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Sasha Sinclair, 

Graphic Design

Sasha Sinclair is a visual and performing artist, designer and arts educator living and working in Washington, DC and is the founder of Studio 3440, a boutique creative agency that offers marketing, graphic design and event production services to the arts community in the Washington, DC and New York City.


She has over 20 years’ experience as a practicing painter, photographer, playwright, poet, fashion and graphic designer. Her many art accomplishments include selling out five solo art exhibitions, winning the ABSOLUT® Vodka Art prize, and being juried into many group exhibitions including Lenny Campello Selects Artomatic Artists, 2013. She wrote, produced and performed in the 2014 edition of the Capital Fringe Festival with the debut of her first solo play, Self Portrait.


She is also an award-winning communications and technology professional with over 16 years’ experience working in government, corporate and non-profit environments directing national communications and community outreach campaigns. Sasha’s mission is to help other artists get the business of being an artist done so they can be creatively and financially successful. 


In addition to producing work in the visual and performing arts, Sasha is also an arts educator at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Since 2007, she gives lectures, leads workshops and provides tours of the permanent collection with the visiting public.

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